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Does multi-tasking during a conference call cheat the client?

Dear Ethics Talk - I work for a consulting company. We bill clients based on hours worked. Rates run from $100-$800 per hour. With one major client, we have four people on a weekly status call – two junior consultants, myself (a VP) and a Senior VP. I think one or two junior people would suffice, but our Executive VP insists otherwise. During the call, the Senior VP frequently reads or replies to emails involving her other clients. What should I say or do? SIGNED: BILLING BUT UNWILLING

DEAR BILLING BUT UNWILLING: Your situation reminds me of the joke: Q: How many lawyers does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: How many can the client afford?

You raise two issues: staffing levels and time reporting.

Your Executive VP has the right to set staffing levels but not to defraud the client. In your case, [click for full article]

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