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Should I disclose my pregnancy to a potential employer?

Dear Ethics Talk: I am near the end of a long interview process for a great job. An offer should come shortly. The immediate task will be managing the process for a key product launch set seven months from now.

But, I just learned that I am pregnant, with the baby due about the same time as the launch. Do I have an obligation to disclose my pregnancy? Signed: Doubly Expecting

Dear Doubly Expecting: Congratulations on your baby news! Of course, if you ordered pickles and ice cream at your interview lunch, your secret may already be out.

You have no legal obligation to disclose your condition, nor may your prospective employer ask about it.

But ethical considerations are broader than legal obligations. Look past the immediate thrill of the offer. Aren’t you implicitly promising to provide key, time-critical services you know you cannot deliver? [click here for rest of article]

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