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Trump -- The major-league junk pitcher

People across the political spectrum need to adjust to a President who is a major-league junk pitcher.

Not “junk” as in “garbage” (though some people see it that way). But, “junk” as in change-ups, sliders, curveballs, and knuckleballs.

Late last week, the progressive blogosphere crackled and crowed with word that Trump had backed off of his pledge to repeal and replace Obamacare. He even said that he liked the idea of keeping young adults on their parents’ plans, as well as of coverage for pre-existing conditions.

This was a change-up. With one interview, he made many progressives upbeat if not giddy. What he was really saying to them, though, was, "Do a deal with me to amend, or I WILL repeal and replace."

In the comments about young adults and pre-existing conditions, he threw a slider. He offered what he never intended to keep, and the devil will be in the details. But, he changed the entire tenor of discussion, as well as his image among many people who previously hated his guts.

The upset of Trump’s loyalists caused by apparent backtracking on his pledge to repeal and replace is a curve ball. It will give cover to Democratic lawmakers who compromise while making make rank-and-file progressives think they are getting a good deal. When the final deal takes shape and rock-solid conservatives like Dr. Carson, Gingrich, and Cruz bless it, the upset will subside.

A great junk pitcher, perhaps. And to score, his adversaries -- including the mainstream press – will have to adjust.

So, can Trump bring the heat, too? As Rosie O’Donnell, Jeb Bush, and Hillary Clinton have learned the hard way, the President-Elect throws one hell of a brush-back pitch.

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