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NFL Players, The National Anthem, and the Fans -- Stand up, Sit Down, Fight Fight Fight!

So, Colin Kaepernick doesn't want to stand for the National Anthem. That's his right as an American citizen

But it's not his right as an employee of the San Francisco 49'ers. Every Sunday, he makes his statement at his place of work, during working hours, in his employer's uniform

Neither League rules nor the players' collective bargaining agreement requires him to stand. The 49'ers have discretion and have chosen to let him do his thing. No doubt team ownership finds itself between a rock and a hard place: it doesn't want to upset people who approve of Kaepernick's actions, nor to create a rift among the players (especially along racial lines), nor to upset those who disapprove of the QB's actions

Kaepernick has his rights. The 49'ers have their discretion. And of course, the fans have their choice of patronizing the team (and its sponsors) or closing their pocketbooks

Democracy and free enterprise in action. Messy, but vibrant and free

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