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The Corridors of Power


Corridors of Power 


The murder of a beautiful French colleague catapults Alex Broadman from his cushy job with a Paris-based organization into a snake pit of espionage, passion, and death.


Hunting a killer from the suites of a grand chateau to the subterranean crypts of the City of Lights, Alex discovers that the only way to survive in a world without rules is to make -- and enforce -- his own.

20 Questions to Ask about Wills & Estates

20 Questions to Ask about Wills & Estates 


My late father and I wrote this book for several generations of clients who wanted to ensure their families' well-being and financial security

Written in simple, easy-to-understand language, this book will help you and your family face whatever the future brings with confidence

Peace of mind comes from being prepared.  This book shows you how

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