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What makes a great mystery novel?  


Characters who excite your passions.  A hero you want to root for.   A setting at once exotic and real.  And above all, a whodunit that stretches your mind without straining your credulity


I am a mystery lover who writes for lovers of mystery


These books are for you


The Corridors of Power
The Crystal Tower
The Corridors of Power


The murder of a beautiful French colleague catapults Alex Broadman from his cushy job with a Paris-based organization into a snake pit of espionage, passion, and death


Chasing a killer from the suites of a grand chateau to the subterranean crypts of the City of Lights, Alex discovers that the only way to survive in a world without rules is to make -- and enforce -- his own


The Crystal Tower

Due out in 2017

When a partner in the world's most prestigious consulting firm is found dead at his desk, a vengeful hedge-fund billionaire calls in Alex Broadman  to investigate

Undercover among the "best and brightest," Alex must navigate a world whose veneer of wealth and privilege overlays a core of ambition, greed, and fear, a world that applies literally the term "cut-throat competition"

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